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The artists of contemporary realism strive for the most accurate depiction of reality bordering on technical perfection and reflection of the way of the old masters. Often, the topics come from everyday life and are presented seemingly unpretentious. Yet it is not ure imitation, although trompe l’oeil is not feared. It is an almost obsessive compulsion that the artists ty to move reality in a completely unique way.

Contemporary Realism – Obituary Obsolete

Good news! Despite a century of modernism, in which technical skills and craftsmanship were discarded in favour of random self-expression and shock value… Despite the readily available photo camera, an invention that promised to render painting obsolete… In spite of influential art critics who convinced a large majority of the public that realism is passé, and that drawing skills are merely a first step in the “development” of the artist on the way to spontaneous self-expression and non-figurative abstraction… Despite the huge popularity of unrecognisable content that fully relies on the interpretation and explanation of the artist or critic, whom we continuously need for enlightenment… Despite all this, Realism, in all its shapes, forms and genres, is not extinct!

Quote from text by Lorena Kloosterboer.

Would you like to participate on this website and you are a realistic painter or sculptor living in Europe?
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Once a year we want to  publish a book in which each participant will be featured with a FREE listing of approximately 8 x 8 cm.

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