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The artists of contemporary realism strive for the most accurate depiction of reality bordering on technical perfection and reflection of the way of the old masters. Often, the topics come from everyday life and are presented seemingly unpretentious. Yet it is not ure imitation, although trompe l’oeil is not feared. It is an almost obsessive compulsion that the artists ty to move reality in a completely unique way.

The book “Realisme III” is a luxurious edition of more than 130 national and international artists, dedicated to the fascinating forms of realism. Over 130 leading artists show in an impressive manner how it is possible to transform the great diversity of modern living into images. That seems a well-defined specialization, but when you browse this book you will soon come to the conclusion that nothing is what it seems. Where does realistic work start and where does it end? And then we do not even talked about the techniques and materials that were used: two-dimensional work, including drawings and paintings and three-dimensional work made from ceramics and bronze.



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