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Elkin Cañas

Elkin Cañas

Elkin Cañas

Elkin Cañas is a venezuelan painter, born in 1974. Drawing was always part of my life, and I discovered my passion for painting at an early age. After finishing high school I studied graphic design at the “Design Institute of Caracas”, and then attended the art School for 2 years.Then I started working and studying with the Italian painter and sculptor Francesco Santoro. I have participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions in my country, Colombia, U.S.A.,Spain and Italy. Between 2007 and 2009 I spent summers in Florence-Italy, painting and learning from my friends and fellow painters, and then in 2010 I moved to live and work in this beautiful city.
My goal is to create high quality contemporary work, plenty of timeless beauty and permanence for centuries.
I’m currently living and developing my work in the inspiring renaissance city of Florence-Italy.

1999-2002 “Giovanni Battista Scalabrini” Academy of Art. Valencia, Venezuela.
1997-1999 “Arturo Michelena” Art School. Valencia, Venezuela
1994-1997 “National Academy of Fine Arts”. Bogotá, Colombia.
1991-1994 “Caracas Institute of Design” Graphic Design. Venezuela

2004 “Elkin Cañas One Man Show” Exhibition Hall of the Guerra Mendez Hospital. Valencia,Venezuela.
2000 “One Man Show” Manuel Feo La Cruz Library. Valencia, Venezuela.
1998 “Between Two Countries” Braulio Salazar Gallery. Organized by Colombian Consulate in Venezuela. Valencia, Venezuela.

22012 Mostra “MIRAME” Latin American painters in Florence.
2012 International 2010/2011 ARC salon competition.
2012 International Art Fair FIAM
2012 Art Shangai, Latin American Pavillion.
2011 International 2010/2011 ARC salon competition.
2011 “I Viaggi in Italia”. International Young Artists. Libreria de’ Servi. Florence, Italy
2011 “Due Artisti, Stesso Luogo, Stesso Tempo” Two men show. La Boulangerie del Rifrullo. Florence, Italy.
2010 “South American Realist Painters”. Vivarium Novum.Organized by the Venezuelan Embassy in Rome, Italy
2009 “Venezuelan realist painting” Venezuelan Embassy in Rome, Italy.
2008 “Faber-Castell” Annual Salon. Caracas, Venezuela.
2005 “DUO” Two men show. French Alliance of Valencia, Venezuela.
2004 “Gravat at Olot Salon”. Olot, Spain.
2003 “Phillips Art Expressions for young talents”. Caracas, Venezuela.
2002 “Cabriales Festival” XII Salon of Visual Arts. Valencia, Venezuela.
2001 “XII Municipal Salon of Visual Arts of Puerto Cabello” Pto. Cabello, Venezuela.
2001 “XII Salon of visual Arts. Town Hall of Bejuma. Bejuma, Venezuela.
1999 “South American Artist” Caracas Hilton Hotel. Caracas, Venezuela.
1998 “XXIII Salon of Visual Arts Ateneum of Guacara. Guacara, Venezuela.
1998 ““Ferimar” Plein Air Painting Salon. Maracay-Venezuela.
1997 “Young Artists Salon”. Medellin / Bogota, Colombia.


2012 Finalist in the Portrait and Still life categories International 2011/2012 ARC salon competition.
2011 Finalist in the drawing category International 2010/2011 ARC salon competition.
2009 Honorable Mention. Botanical Garden Plein Air Painting Competition. Valencia, Venezuela
2008 Second Prize. Town Hall of Naguanagua Plein Air Painting Annual Competition. Valencia, Venezuela.
2008 Honorable Mention. Faber.Castle Salon. Caracas, Venezuela.
2002 Second Place. XII Salon of Visual Arts Cabriales Festival. Valencia, Venezuela.
2001 Second Place. XII Salon of visual Arts.Town Hall of Bejuma. Bejuma-Venezuela.

Town Hall of Naguanagua. Valencia, Venezuela.
Faber Castell of Venezuela. Caracas, Venezuela.
Public County of Valencia, Venezuela.
Manuel Feo La Cruz Library. Valencia, Venezuela.
Industries Kimberly, Venezuela.
Carabobo University. Valencia, Venezuela.
Braulio Salazar Gallery. Valencia, Venezuela.

2011-2012 Main Painting instructor. Dall’Arte alla Z cultural association. Florence-Italy.
2002-2004 Drawing and Paniting main instructor. Claroscuro Atelier. Valencia, Venezuela.
2000-2002 Assisted Francesco Santoro with Fresco projects at San Antonio Church.
2000-2002 Student teacher. Giovanni Battista Scalabrini Academy of Art.
1998-1999 Drawing and painting assistant teacher. Arturo Michelena Art School.

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