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Alexey Velikjanin



Born in 1958 in the city of Vetluga of the Nizhni Novgorod Region of the Russian Federation.
Finished the Republican Art College of I.E. Repin (city if Kishinev) in 1985.
Graduated from the Belarusian Academy of Arts (city of Minsk) in 1992.
He works in the field of easel painting and monumental art.
Since 2003 he has lectured in the Belarusian State Academy of Arts.
He is a docent of chair of picture of artistic department.

Soft, streaming light… It steams upon the uneven surface of the hasteless world; the world of my paintings. Without any bustle. Without blinding despair. Exquisitely and gently. It dances on the objects, on fanciful bends of the form, melting in halftones, giving mystery and charm to ordinary things. Under its charming power books, cigars, flowers, vases with fruit and other patterns of my themes lose their prosiness but fill with some sacral meaning, novelty and fresh sounding. It likes to watch flares on the glass of red wine, which make the dark purple depth harsh and desirable. It likes to watch how faience shows matted white on the background of dark olive drapery, how pathetically the lilies’ petals touch each other, how nobly the gilding shimmers on the old books’ covers. Clearness and simplicity reign where the most of the light is. Closer to the dark tones it starts to ring and pulsate with warm and cold unrest, trying to wash away established canons. Playing with shades it reveals the naturalness of the objects, discovering their structure, materializing into a picturesque image of the painting space. Glimmering flames of reflexes on the monochrome static shadows are like blur sparks of vague desires. The multiple reflections lying on the dark smooth surface of the glass are like forgotten ghosts of ancient heroes. It is the main watcher and contemplator in this illusory world of colors, in the world where impulsivity of strokes and exactness of color correlation merge together in harmony artistic breadth.
Streaming, soft light…

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